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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  December 20, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> unbelievable. no time left. eagles witeagles win. >> we will see that a lot ttis year. the 65-yarddpuppet return, no time left on the clock. still he came back from being down 21 points n the fourth quart tore win. now a happy jeff barn with the lateslate edition. the call for elp after a student jumps from a moving school bus. what a mooorist told 911 about the incident that turned deadly. gentleman the sale of !! thel card and pay for for local nuns in jeopardy. a great day for bete white, a major honor or the 88-year-old legend.
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>> a full lunar eclipse. why it could be worth your while to stay up. announcer: live in highh@ definition from baltimore this is fox 45 news late edition. >> hello, aaain. i'm jeff barns. jenniffr is off ttnight. first on fox. a child jumps from a moving bus. the 6-year-old child diess the mother till questions how it all appeeedd december 8th when thee@ 6-year-olddjumpe!! jjmped from g bus on his way homeefrom school. earlier i talked to the driver behind theebus at the time of the accident. here is part of the call he made to 9111 >> police say a fight broke out on the bus. jennings first tried to get off
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the bus thrrugh the front door when that tk*pbt didn't work he headed to he back. jennings mother questions why he the rear door. before he eeched >> i knoo my child. he's not going to just jjmp off - bus from a fight. that's not him. why they didn't stop my son. normally if there was incident on the bus they would call and let me knoo..@ >> repprter: the man whoo@ called 919 told me the bus waa traveling about 20 miies an hour @%en the door flew open. jennings was taken off life support after two days and laid to rest ovee theeweekend. a bbltimore teacher is locked up acccsee!ed of having x with a 15-year-old boy. deputies caught the an having sex with the boy saturday ii a car on victooy lane in bel air. stunning allegations for his
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neighbors on valley brook couut. >> it's not right at all for aa@ teacher, for anybody at all. doesn't atter the person's profession. ffr any person toohave sex with a minor, it's not proper. hesisee is a 4th grade teacher. a fire that claamed a life is declared aaarson. flames erupted saturday morning. the male victim is yet to be identifiid. it's the first arson homicide in the city of baltimore since 2006. >> this is really hard to belieee. why someone would do something %-this is terrible. >> i want my neighborhood to be protected. %- a former cheerleader fromt baltimore moved to las vegas and
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is missing. she was last seen leaving her house going to see her ex-boyfriend. people are digggng throuuh phone records for lues tonight. a really bad day for two baltiiore city guy whose ttought -hee were doing root thing. they rescued a deer. now they're being fined because they didn't wear life jackets. both will fight the citation. they hhve aacourt hearing sst %- bbd day for new york'st. governor. a staae ethics board ii fii!ng governor david patterson for more than $62,000 because he took free world series tickets in 2009. he intended to pay for them but never did. great day forractress bete white. named entertainer of the yeer.
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she beaa out others like the cast of "gree" conan 'brien and jjmes cameron for this year oes honor. snow for christmas day? our first llok at thh skywatcc forecast. yes chance of anooher storm pushing through the area late friday night into saturday morning, christmas day. it looks like we might get a nice gift from mother nature. preeipitation over maryland or western maryland. thhre is something to eep an eye on. there ii a front over the midwestt -arts of ohio, indiana, kentucky and southern weet portions of @%st virginia. we will see this puss to thee@ @%uth. cold temperatures 29° in balttmore, we will start on a chilly note tomorrow morning with a mixttre of sun and clou clouds. a closer look at that storm for the weekend coming up in a bit.
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thousands of baatimore children are hoping to get the christmas this christmas. the sslvatio!! salvation army nr gift badly. volunteers are touched by how simple the equests are. >> no ne asks for a box or kinetct or aawii. someone asked for a teddy bear. %->> tomorroo is the last day to drop them off at a salvation location from 9:00 in the mornings to 9:00 at night. ocean city has new rules if you're geeting rid oo furniture. all ffrriture left curb siie should be wraapeddin plastic. thii protects from bed bugs. bags will be prooided and city residents just have to aak for them.
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the bug does a lot of ttarpbl!!o last week a box was foun found a container from italy. the fox network iring backk coming whaup a toppexecutive has to say about a local universities resent findinns. ->> a don't ask don't tell repeal pas [ female announcer ] there's still time to buy gifts online with walmart's site to store. just shop online at and get free shipping to your nearest walmart.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world. teacher pensiins. the sttte recommend today shif shifttng half the pension costs
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to local school boards. this could save the state $300 million a year. union leaders do not like it. >> those costs will cut into resource s available for children all over the state. it will have a devastating imppct on class size. other needs of our children. -> shifting pension costs to the counties could mean higher tax!! taxes. now we asked you all day to day should local jurisdictions cover pension costs. 80% said no, 20% said yes. maak wrote if you work for a local jurissiction yoo should get paid from a locall@ jurisdiction. @% university of maryland says fox news vieeers arr the most miss -nformed viewers it tka politiy
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than any other channel. foo news firrd baaked saying maryllnd ranks among thee op skaod that study the least. they don't think the survey has muuh commoo sense. joe biddn wouldn't commit whether we're winning or losing this e long gatee!e gatelongate@ afghanistan. >> we are making ppogress. >> if politicians llke biden let our troops do what they do best the war would of been ovvr ears and years ago. remember he guy who bought the homer baseball card. he never paid up. now a philadelphia doccor, a cardiolooist bbught the rare basebbll card. if you take part in a auction have the money. >> a rare treat in the skies tonight. this is a rare look if h at the.
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weather permitttng there shouldr eclipse. the moon will be completely covered around 2:40 a.m. the earth moves between the ssn and moon ofpbg. obviously the sun is ot out n @%w. the last tiie this happened durinn the winter solstice, which is occurring, was 1638. @%ite some time. do we get to see it? we have more on the sky watch -orecast. yes, looking at the official -ay of winter around the corner here it looks like we will gee a chance to seeethat. more thicker clouds to the west. thick clouds on the frontal boundary pushing over thh mountains now. a mixture of clouds to the west. mostly clear connitions here. 32°. winds out of the north, northwest at 10. humidityylevels at 66%.
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the almanac shows high up t 3 37°. low at 21° this morning. normally we're at 4551. we're well below where we should be this time of year. we will start tt see the temperatures climb to the mid and upper 30s. still below where we should bb. back to the west of us 18° in western maryland and oakland. on the eastern shore att30°. bigger picture in the breaks of clouds over baltimore anddd.c. a wedge of clouds to waach. this is west of the citiis over night with the moissure associated with the front moving through theemidwest staying to the west of us. we have temperaturessto the north of us in the 0s. 30° in indianapolis. they had snow a few hours ago. %-boundaries..@e frontal snow showers in parrs of indiana over ohio. snothis will continue to shift o the south of us as we go through
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the over night. in fact the future scan showing moisture physical willing out and moving down over tte mountains of west virginii ann %-western maryland may get a few flakes ad suburbs as well getting flames *p flakes out of that. here is how it looks for the @%ristmas cast. i'm thinking ahead here. 33° for saturdaa, a 50% to 66% of snow showers oveerthe rouge i don't know. another storm pushing n for t h midwest. how does this effect you? if you're flying out to parrs of thh midwest oo friday night, friday during the day or friday night chicago coold be effected. indiaaa, cincinnati, columbus, cleveland. these are all major airports that ou could be having transfers through. you have to check ahead for friday. by saturday this is coming up the coast. we cculd see snow late friday @%te into saturdayyforrthe se seaboard it couud be measuree!a.
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tonighttdown to 24° with a few scatters clouds acrrss the the area. the five day forecast showing 38° on ednesday and thursday and we will watch the storm for christmas eee no christmas day. the president and u.s. senate are taking aim at the -new nuclear arms reaty ith russia. this would reduce u.s. aad russian arsenals in war eads and missile launchers. democrats and a handful of %-before christmas. ratified most republicans want to hold off. thh senateecommittee says they hhve pushed for a decision for months. >> a decision of this magnittde shouldn't be deciddd under pressureeoffa deadline. >> woold say to my friend from kentucky that just because you
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say something doesn't mmke it true. the facts are this treaty is not being ushed. enough to end the gop filibuster but not enough required by the constitutton to ratify treaties. a final vote is eepected during the woke. >> the don't askkdon'' tell @%peal becomes law this week. it will take some time ffr the policy to coopletely disappear. president barack obama will sign the repeal on wednesday. the law remains on the books for 60 days until the president and top militaryyleaders can certif@ this won't hurt troops ability to fight and serve. >> one of the things that's been heartening this weekeed, the congratulations e-mails and te texts is from the 81 soldiers i lead in iraq. >> not everything will change. there will be no separate hous housing and there will be a strict frat nnization rule.
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i think it's the craziest. >> a bus bursts no flames. where it occurred and ow evvryone made it out. cominggup in tonight's get.
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>> get this. very scaryymoments for passeng passengers arr aboard a gre gry greyhound bbs in the state of indiana. >> the guy in the back said the bus is on for, the bus son for. >> he bus burst into flames on i-70 this morning. passengers jumped out the wind windows to escape. nobody was hurt. >> dog in germany has a lot to be prrud of. she had 17 pu puppies. the owner says tth new editions have hee so busy she sleeps about 15 minutes a day. this is the owner. as for mommy her last two litt litters had 88 uppies eech.
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>> affer days of specuuation the university of maryland officia!@ officially announced that their headdfootbaal coach will not return next season. the frig has one oor year on his contract. since coach i franklyn left for vanderbilt takiig several coaccs with him ttey decide it id would be best to replace frig. since he refused to retire the school bust uy out the remainder of her contract. kevin anderson annouuced annouer decision ttis afternoon. -frpblg maryland athletics have madeea strategic business decision buying out the oach's ccntract. the buy out will coverrthe approximately $2 million in guaranteeden ncommensation and
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benefits owed to him through june 2nd, 2012. the coach will remain under contract through he miiitary bowl and he will coach his team in that game. >> the moral t one winning drive is high today. people can't ssop talking about yesterday's raven's game. the ravens beat the reigninn super bowl champs and are tied for first in theer decision.@%te win streak before the ravens ran away with the victory. @%ey went back to their old runninschool running gamm. coach harbaugh is more thhn pllased with the way his team -erffrmperformed. >> i'm okay in a game throwing it 50 times bbing physical in past pr protection and catch and run and all that. i'm really oka okay with running
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people off the ball. for me that's beeng balanced. if you can create dimensions. the width and depth of the field aad attack people ttat way that's how you're effective. >> it'sstime once again for the @%gh school game of thh week contest. now rought to you by vvrsity %-you can vvte for the game you would like to see highlights of hhre is this woke's slate of games. this week's ame is for thuusday december 23rd. hartford, dellinny, mckundunna and south river. we will announce the winner on weddesday night. back to you. %-33°. lack at the 7-day foreca.
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a mixture of sun and clouds tomorrow. breezy. -undle up to stay warm. more sunshine on thursdayy storm comes in late friday nig night. christmas day measurable snow out there. nice press ant from mother -ature..@ back to you, jeff. >> thank you, so much. call his kris kringle, t. nick or sanna claus.
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oneewoman has seen them all ann then some. nancy has 5000 versions of the jolly man decorating every corner of her home. this started in 1956. she keeps most on display from november to february and gets some 300 visitors every year. by he ime she puts the last santa in storagg it's authorities the 17th somewhere arrund noon time. that is a decked out house. that will do it for late editi!@ edition. thank you for joining us. next up "how i met your mother." ♪
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